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Yuliya Kumicheva

English teacher and trainer, materials designer and blogger

About me

I'm a self-employed English teacher and teacher trainer. I've been teaching since 2012. I now teach other teachers of English: I help them grow professionally, train them to pass Cambridge exams, and improve their level of English. I now teach "Exam prep + methodology" and "C1-C2 General English + methodology" classes for teachers. I usually have interviews for new students once a year in August. Right now there are no slots available. If there are any slots, I usually announce it on my blog.

I have a methodology course for teachers "Teaching Higher-Level Students". This course is currently in progress, you can't join it now, stay tuned for more updates about next seasons.

I speak at ELT conferences, and I even organized a charity conference of my own! In July, 2022 my teacher-learners and I raised over 5500 dollars for local and international charities.

I run short courses, seminars and webinars for schools. I aslo do 1-to-1 consultations for teachers on methodology, observe their lessons, and identify their areas to grow and areas of success.

I also create free and paid materials for English teachers. In my blog on Instagram* I share what I know, keep tested tips and my thoughts organized.
My working experience

  • I've been teaching English to groups of students since 2012. I used to work as an Assistant Director of Studies for 4 years, observing teachers, running teacher-training seminars, conducting workshops, organizing extracurricular activities for both teachers (teacher training conferences) and students (quests, quizzes, and summer camps).
  • I've been teaching groups online since 2020.
  • More than 70 of my students successfully passed Cambridge Exams ranging from YLE to C2 Proficiency.

My certificates

  • Language certificates: CPE
  • Methodology certificates: TKT Modules 1-3, CELTA, Delta Module 1, Delta Module 3
  • Teacher training courses: International House Teacher Training Course, International House Director of Studies Course, Barcelona, 2018.
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