Organized by Yuliya Kumicheva @cup_of_elt
June, 10 — June 16, 2024
An online teacher-training charity conference
So far we've been joined by 1228 donors and have raised 1 353 424 RUB, 915 BYN, 328 USD, 118 400 KZT, 102 EUR, 900 UAH.
About IWIK 2024
Will talks be recorded?
Absolutely! You can know get access to the recordings, all of which will be stored on our YouTube Playlist after the conference is over.
Who will get the money?
Milana Derebya and her family. Milana is a 12-year old niece of one of our teacher-learners. She is currently battling neuroblastoma. She is undergoing treatment at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona. We believe in Milana and her family's strength and resilience to push through this hard path of healing. You can follow Milana's journey on this instagram page run by her mother.
Who are the speakers?
The conference is orchestrated by Yuliya Kumicheva, an English teacher and teacher trainer.

The speakers at the conference are Yuliya's students, all of whom are dedicated professionals and lifelong learners.
Why does the conference last for 7 days?
By making the conference longer we reduced your daily intake of the new information to 3-4 hours. That makes you less likely to zone out.

You will also have more time to process and digest your insights and incorporate them into your teaching little by little.
How much is IWIK?
Stay tuned for more updates.
The recommended donation is 1000 rubles or 10 dollars. 100% of your donations will support a worthy cause. You donate money directly to the receiver. Our priority is to share practical and easy-to-follow ideas that can make a difference in your teaching practices, so please consider donating more, if possible.
How to make the most out of the conference?
We provide a workbook specially tailored to the attendee's needs. It includes pre-conference tasks, self-assessment, journey tracker, space for daily journaling and reflection. On top of that, you will be invited to the Telegram chat, so you could get the sense of community and network with colleagues from around the world.
What do talks focus on?
We firmly believe that the most potent professional development takes place during our classes.

Therefore, through our online charity conference, we aim to spotlight practical, hands-on ideas that we've tried, tested, and found easy for other teachers to implement.
What's IWIK?
The "I Wish I Knew" online charity conference is all about sharing insights we wish we had recognized earlier.

These insights have now become standard practice in our teaching, easing our work and making a significant impact.
What's our mission?
We are aiming to make CPD more affordable than ever, enhance your conference experience and at the same time make a difference by contributing to a charitable cause.
A word from organizer
My name is Yuliya Kumicheva, and I am an English teacher, teacher trainer, and ELT blogger.

I hold TKT Modules 1-3, CELTA, Delta Modules 1 and 3, and IH Barcelona's Teacher Trainer and Director of Studies certificates. Currently, I lead groups of English teachers, where we study C1-C2 English alongside methodology.
As an annual tradition, my teacher-learners and I prepare a conference and invite everyone to join. Each speaker prepares a presentation, and I pre-moderate them all. In 2022, our efforts attracted more than 500 participants and raised over $5,500. In 2023, we raised $9,600 and were joined by more than 900 people.

This year, we are raising money to help Milana Dereberya, a 12-year-old girl battling neuroblastoma. Milana is the niece of Ekaterina Turko, one of my teacher-learners.
I am profoundly grateful to my teacher-learners, who have generously agreed to share their invaluable knowledge. Thank you for choosing to support a significant cause, and welcome to IWIK 2024!
Milana is 12-year old from Kazakhstan. She has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma and is now undergoing treatment at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona. Milana is a niece of one of our teacher-learners, Ekaterina Turko. This brave kid has been battling her disease since 2019. We're there to support her as she copes with her health condition.

At the moment her family is raising money for another round of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Her mother, Yuliya runs an instagram page posting updates on Milana's recovery journey. All the donations we collect will go directly to Yuliya Dereberya for the treatment.

You are making a real difference in Milana's life and her progress toward wellness. Your support is a beacon of hope! The family extends a warm and sincere thank you to everyone for their contributions.

Conference tracks
The conference spanned over 7 days, with talks taking place from 20 to 60 min.
Young Learners and Teens
June, 10th 11:00-14:30
Young learners and teenagers often have different needs compared to adults. This track will address various topics such as making routines enjoyable, preparing for Olympiads, boosting motivation, teaching writing, and enhancing confidence through formative assessment, all designed specifically for children and teenagers.
More speakers
Business and clubs
June, 11th 11:00-14:25
Let's talk business! Attending this track will inspire you to take action that you have probably been putting off for a long time, namely promoting your Telegram channel, scaling up your teaching practice, narrowing down your niche, setting up speaking clubs for lower levels or book clubs that will keep your students coming back for more.
More speakers
Skills and Systems
June, 12th 11:00-14:45
If your students have ever complained about being unable to write, use vocabulary and grammar they learned, or understand the spoken language, you just can't miss this track. As a cherry on top, you will make sure that you are really teaching the skills rather than testing them.
More speakers
June, 13th 11:00-14:05
Whether it be a Cambridge exam, DELTA, IELTS or even EGE, you will almost certainly find this track full of insights into taking care of mental health during the exam prep, the perspective of cognitive psychology on writing, predicting mistakes and why DELTA isn't scary at all.
More speakers
June, 14th 11:00-14:45
This track isn't actually a track. It's a bonanza of the most cutting-edge ideas of ELT from the use of AI, authentic materials and textbooks to micro-learning strategies and integrating critical thinking and creativity into your lessons.
More speakers
Soft Skills
June, 15th 11:00-14:00
The vibe of this track is all about soft power - co-opting rather than coercing. The speakers will take your hand and gently walk you through the art of 1-to-1 lessons, facilitation, feedback and managing students' behavioral patterns.
More speakers
Teacher and Student
June, 16th 11:00-14:00
Joining this track is like having a session with your therapist. The quote goes "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about". The speakers of this track know a lot about the everyday battles of English teachers: the ins and outs of teaching adults, students' dyslexia, inner perfectionism, problems with confidence and imposter syndrome.
More speakers
Will I get a certificate?
Yes! A beautifully designed certificate will be waiting for you once the conference is over!
How do I get access to the conference?
Once you click the button, you'll get to our TG bot with a form to fill out. Keep this bot's notifications on!
We'll send all the important info there, once you make a donation.
Will the conference be recorded?
Yes! All the talks will be recorded, and you will get access to them after the conference.
Where can I learn more about Milana Dereberya
Milana is a niece of one of my teacher-learners, Ekaterina Turko. She's been diagnosed with neuroblastoma and is now undergoing treatment at the clinic in Spain. Her mother, Yuliya runs this instagram page posting updates on Milana's recovery journey.
Reach out to Yuliya Kumicheva,
IWIK organizer
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