So far we've been joined by 968 donors and have raised 724 350 RUB, 97 EUR, 532 BYN, 3285 UAH, 183 USD, 75 PLN, 46 860 KZT, 2 000 000 IRR, 200 ПМР, 200 LEI, 600 KGS, 150 TRY.

I wish I knew

An online teacher-training charity conference

Organized by Yuliya Kumicheva @cup_of_elt

June, 24 — June 25, 2023
Ilia Dolgikh and his family. Ilia is a 9-year-old student of one of the conference speakers. He is currently battling T-cell lymphoma. He is undergoing treatment at the Hadassah Clinic in Israel. We believe in Ilia and his parents' strength and resilience to endure this challenging journey towards recovery. You can follow Ilia's journey on this instagram page ran by his mother.
Who will get the money?
Absolutely! You can know get access to the recordings, all of which are stored on our YouTube Playlist.
Will talks be recorded?
We firmly believe that the most potent professional development takes place during our classes. Therefore, through our online charity conference, we aim to spotlight practical, hands-on ideas that we've tried, tested, and found easy for other teachers to implement.
What do talks focus on?
The recommended donation is 500 rubles or 6 dollars. 100% of your donations will support a worthy cause. You donate money directly to Ilia's family. Our priority is to share practical and easy-to-follow ideas that can make a difference in your teaching practices, so please consider donating more, if possible.

How much is IWIK?
The "I Wish I Knew" online charity conference is all about sharing insights we wish we had recognized earlier. These insights have now become standard practice in our teaching, easing our work and making a significant impact.
What's IWIK?
The conference is orchestrated by Yuliya Kumicheva, an English teacher and teacher trainer. The speakers at the conference are Yuliya's students, all of whom are dedicated professionals and lifelong learners.

Who are the speakers?
A word from an organizer

As an annual tradition, my teacher-learners and I run a mini-conference within our groups. Each teacher-learner prepares a presentation. Last year, we held our first IWIK, inviting everyone to join. Our efforts attracted more than 500 participants and raised over $5500. This year, we are raising money to help Ilia Dolgikh, a 9-year-old boy battling lymphoma. Ilia is a student of Natalya Fomina, one of my teacher-learners, who will also be giving a talk.

I am profoundly grateful to my teacher-learners, who have generously agreed to share their invaluable knowledge. Thank you for choosing to support a significant cause, and welcome to IWIK 2023!
My name is Yuliya Kumicheva, and I am an English teacher, teacher trainer, and ELT blogger. I hold TKT Modules 1-3, CELTA, Delta Modules 1 and 3, and IH Barcelona's Teacher Trainer and Director of Studies certificates. Currently, I lead groups of English teachers, where we study C1-C2 English alongside methodology.

Special thanks to Anastasia Volodina,Inga Terenteva, Ksenia Makarova for helping me organize the conference this year!
Meet Ilia Dolgikh
Ilia, is 9-year-old from Saint Petersburg, he is one brave kid we're all rooting for. Our friend and conference speaker, Natalya Fomina, taught him English for more than two years. He was diagnosed with lymphoma, and now he's getting his treatment done at the Hadassah Clinic in Israel.

We believe in Ilia, and his parents, Oleg and Nadezhda Dolgikh. They're strong enough to keep pushing through this tough journey. They're real-life superheroes!

All the money we raise will go straight to Oleg and Nadezhda to help with Ilia's treatment. On behalf of Ilia's family, a big heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you. They're incredibly grateful for your support!
The talks are divided into six different tracks:
Focus on the learner
Focus on exam prep
Focus on EdTech
Focus on the teacher
Focus on the tasks
Focus on the groups
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via Telegram