"I wish I knew"
An online teacher-training charity conference

July, 16 — July 17, 2022

organized by Yuliya Kumicheva • @cup_of_elt

Thank you for taking part!
We've raised more than 284 000 roubles. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to "The club of Kind Persons".
We are no longer accepting donations. Join us next year for our ELT Charity Conference!
«I wish I knew» online charity conference is all about sharing things we wish we had practiced / known about before: something that has now become standard practice in our teaching, something that has made our teaching life easier, something that has made a difference.
The conference is organized by Yuliya Kumicheva, an English teacher and teacher trainer. Yuliya teaches classes for other teachers of English «C1/C2 English + Methodology».

The speakers are Yuliya's teacher-learners, all of whom are dedicated professionals and life-long learners.
What would be the focus of the talks?
We believe that the most effective professional development happens during our classes, that's why with our online charity conference we're bringing practical and hands-on ideas to light: something we've tried and tested ourselves and is easy for other teachers to pick up.

There will be 20 talks in six different tracks — teaching vocabulary, teaching skills, teaching exam classes, ELT methodology, CPD for teachers and teacher's well-being.
The minimum donation is 500 roubles. 100% of your donations will go to a charity to support a great cause. If you want to donate more, feel free to do so!

We've worked very hard to make sure that we deliver the best teacher-training talks. It's our priority to share practical and easy-to-follow ideas that can have an impact on your teaching practices, so please consider donating more, if it is possible.
We've decided to donate 100% of all the proceeds to a charitable foundation «The club of kind persons» («Клуб Добряков»). They help kids and adults who need medical treatment or rehabilitation. They also help hospitals by providing them with necessary equipment and supporting doctors in completing refresher and training courses.
Will there be a recording available?
Yes! You can join us live on July, 16-17th or wait for the recording which we will email to you once the conference is over.
A word from an organiser
My name is Yuliya Kumicheva, I'm an English teacher, a teacher trainer and an ELT blogger. I hold TKT Modules 1-3, CELTA, Delta Modules 1,3, IH Barcelona's Teacher Trainer and Director of Studies certificates. I now teach other teachers of English in groups: we study C1-C2 English + methodology.

We have an annual tradition with my teacher-learners. Every year we run a mini-conference within our groups: each teacher-learner prepares a presentation, so can they share practical tips and insightful ideas about teaching with their groupmates.

I've decided to level this up and take our mini teaching conference outside of our classroom. I'm immensely thankful to my teacher-learners who have generously agreed to share their valuable knowledge and am really proud of being able to work with them.

Thank you for choosing to support a great cause and welcome to our first online charity conference "I wish I knew"!

Yuliya Kumicheva
An organizer
There are 20 different talks divided into six different tracks:
Conference Programme
Teaching Vocabulary
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Teaching Skills
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ELT Methodology
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Teacher's well-being
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Continuous Professional Development for teachers
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Exam preparation
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Conference Timetable
July 16th
Day 1: Teaching vocabulary, Exam Preparation, ELT Methodology

10:00 - Day 1 Opening
Teaching Vocabulary
10:05 - Alina Stukova: In search of collocations: resources and methods
10:35 - Mariya Kostyukova: I wish I knew about the principles of creating revision/recycling activities
11:05 - Ekaterina Krukova: Getting the most out of reading texts: mining for vocabulary
Exam preparation
11:35- Karina Garipova: Exam Prep Survival Guide
11:55 - Tatiana Klimova: How to prepare low-level students for Russian State Exams (ЕГЭ)
12:10 - 12:30 - Break
ELT Methodology
12:30 - Teona Papava: The First Class activities
12:45 - Alexandra Dzeboeva: I wish I knew these tips to create a relaxed environment
13:15 - Tamara Pyzhova: I wish I knew about Concept Checking Questions before
13:35 - Yekaterina Turko: I wish I knew about these features of ESP lessons
13:55 - Rita Antonova: Using board games to enhance language learning
14:10 - Wrapping up: Day 1
July 17th
Day 2: CPD for teachers, Teacher's Well-Being, Teaching skills

13:00 - Day 2 Opening
Teacher's Well-Being
13:05 - Alyona Fedosova: I wish I knew how autonomous and self-reflective my younger students are
13:25 - Anna Ershova: How to set professional boundaries for a teacher
13:45 - Mariia Postnova: Fighting toxic productivity in ELT

CPD for teachers
14:05 - Natalia Leschinskaia: If only I could prepare for Delta M1 on my own... Well, you should try!
14:35 - Natalia Pernik: Spicing up a textbook. The why's and how's
15:05 - Ekaterina Razbaeva: Designing a syllabus for an ESP course "Theological and Pedagogical English": the challenge and beauty of it
15:35 - Rumiia Murtazina: Lessons based on the cartoons
16:05 - 16:40 - Break

Teaching skills
16:40 - Alena Kudryakova: How to make A0/A1 students speak
17:10 - Anastasia Volodina: Teachers and learners misconceptions about writing
17:40 - Yuliya Pertnikova: Making reluctant teenage students read
18:10 - Wrapping up: Day 2
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