May, 15 — July, 9 2023
Who is the course for?
• This course is designed for teachers who have at least B2+ level of English, and are interested in teaching high-level students and want to improve their teaching skills.

• It will be especially useful for teachers who have some prior experience of teaching A1-B2 and want to start teaching higher levels.

• It may be helpful for teachers who want to develop professionally by teaching high levels, but have some fears or anxieties that prevent them from doing so.

• The course may also help teachers who find it difficult to make students progress further than B1: I'll be sharing what I do with my students to get to C1 and beyond.
Who is not going to benefit from the course?
• The course will not suit teachers who are looking for a quick fix. For example, there won't be any recommendations like use "fascinating" instead of "interesting" to make your students advanced. Being a high-level teacher and a high-level user of English boils down to long hours of work and practice.

• The course will not suit teachers who want a one-size-fit-all solution. The course will reflect my personal teaching beliefs and practices. It is possible that what works for me and my students will not necessarily work in all contexts. It pays to evaluate information critically to see if it may be used in your professional setting.

• The course is not designed for teachers who have B1 level of English and want to improve their own language command.

• Please, bear in mind that there are not many advanced learners out there. B1 is realistically sufficient to get by in most spheres of life, so many of our students don't really need to have C1 or C2.
What will you get by the end of the course?
By the end of the course, you will

• Define what being an advanced user of English means;

• Reflect on common problems B2+ students face and ways teachers can help them;

• Review teaching methods and approaches to foster student's development at higher levels;

• Develop a toolkit of adapting and creating teaching materials for supporting B2+ students;

• Get classroom-ready tips about developing high-order thinking skills, critical thinking and communicative competences of your students.
How is the course organized?
  • I'll send access to the course content on May, 15th. Once you make the payment, you'll get a welcome letter from some information about the course.
  • The course content is in English.
  • The course is divided into four modules. Each module has several lessons - pre-recorded videos + follow-up tasks. Each video is 10-50 minutes long. In total, there are more than 12 hours of video inputs.
  • After each video, there are reflective questions and practical tasks related to the content of the lesson. It's recommended that you complete the tasks, however it's not compulsory. Premium Mentorship Members get my personalized feedback on all the tasks they will submit by July, 9th.
  • We'll have our Telegram channel. You can ask any questions related to the content of the lessons, run some thoughts or ideas by me or other course participants and meet like-minded professionals.
  • There will be two zoom sessions, a midcourse meetup on June, 10th and a graduation party on July, 9th. The zoom sessions will be recorded. For Premium Mentorship Members, there will be two additional masterminds, time will be determined later.
  • I sometimes go live in our Telegram channel to chat to course trainees and answer their questions. All the recordings are saved as well.
Course Content
Course Tutors
Yuliya Kumicheva
A teacher trainer and English teacher. Course tutor.
I hold TKT, CELTA, Delta Module 1 and Module 3 ("A student-centered course for C1 Advanced Reading and Writing"). I completed "Teacher Trainer" and "Director of Studies" courses in IH Barcelona.

I have been teaching B2+ students since 2017, and more than 60 of my students have successfully passed a range of Cambridge exams from B2 First to C2 Proficiency. I took C2 Proficiency and got Grade A myself.

I now teach other teachers of English teaching in groups and running C1 General, C2 General and C2 Proficiency Exam Prep courses.
Expert speakers
Apart from video lessons that I have recorded myself, I have invited expert speakers to share their valuable experience with you. These are teacher trainers I personally look up to and am very proud to be working with.
  • Anastasia Kichkireva
    A teacher trainer and English teacher.
    Anastasia holds MA in Teaching, she holds IELTS, CAE, CPE, TKT. Anastasia got a Pearson Global Teacher Award (2019) and is a Fulbright TEA laureate (2021-2022). She has created several courses, including the course on developing critical thinking, and runs teacher-training workshops. Anastasia's lesson in the course is about developing critical thinking.

    Follow Anastasia on Instagram* and Telegram.
  • Ekaterina Redkina
    A senior methodologist at MSPU, teacher trainer and English teacher.
    Ekaterina holds TKT CLIL, CELTA, IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology, Delta Modules 1,2. Ekaterina completed an online course «Content Based Instruction» and has successfully completed a 55-hour online Teacher Training Course «CLIL essentials» by British Council. Ekaterina has a degree in Pscyhology and has taught a course in English for psychologists. Ekaterina has been designing and teaching CLIL lessons in the field of psychology, psychotherapy, architecture, graphic design, journalism, and even cryptocurrency. She also runs book clubs and workshops for teachers, gives talks at conferences and consults teachers. Ekaterina's lesson is about using CLIL with high-level students.

    Follow Ekaterina on Instagram* and Telegram.
  • Natasha Potapova
    A teacher trainer, English teacher, materials designer
    Natasha holds MA in English Discourse, CPE (A), and is now doing her DELTA Module 1; She has designed several courses for advanced learners, "Expert English: for C1 and C2" and "Advanced C1 Top-Notch English" and has created asynchronous lexical courses based on authentic materials for C1+ students. Natasha's lesson will be about how she makes her students use (not just learn) advanced grammar structures.

    Follow Natasha on VK, Telegram, and Instagram*
  • Irina Davydova
    А teacher trainer and English teacher.
    Irina holds TKT, CELTA, IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology, Delta Module 1 and is now doing her Delta Module 2. Irina has been experimenting with the lexical approach since 2017 and has successfully completed a nine-month course on Teaching Lexically by Hugh Dellar. Irina is a co-author of "ELT Crash Course" and has her own TKT exam prep course for teachers.

    Irina's lesson will be about using Lexical Approach with high-level students.

    Follow Irina on Instagram* and Telegram.

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