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Yuliya Kumicheva — my Delta Module 3
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The main goal of Delta Module 3 is to design a course with certain students and their needs in mind. You need to analyze their needs, plan 20 hours of lessons, and select assessment activities. I designed the course which was called "A learner-centered course for C1 Advanced reading and writing". I ended up teaching most of the lessons and the practices in the assignment are reflected in my teaching practices this year, so it turned out to be very practical and teachable.

My assignment got a "pass", so reading it may give you some scope of reference of what Cambridge expects. But! Please note that there are super strict anti-plagiarism rules, so make sure you don't copy a part or all of my assignment and refer to sources properly: read the Cambridge plagiarism guide for Delta Module 3 for more.

A big shout-out to my ELT mentor Irina Malinina*, who helped me with the assignment. If it hadn't been for Irina, I wouldn't have made it.
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