Dealing with the daily struggles of being a teacher
    How can we fight off feeling constantly overworked and start praising ourselves more?
    I noticed a worrying trend. A lot of teachers now are increasingly stressed. I know that we tend to be harsh on ourselves, feeling we're not enough. And it's tough. I feel it as well. So I wanted to share things that help me in the moments of self-doubt and self-criticism.

    Don't fall into the trap of feeling that you're less worthy because you're not doing something other people are doing. I know how easy it is to panic that you must act, because everyone else seemingly does. Take me for example. Now you can take Delta M2 online, a lot of great teachers jump at this opportunity, which is awesome! But I feel I'm missing out because I have different financial aims and I'm simply not in the right headspace. My learning time happens during my classes. It's OK for now. And yes, I had to remind myself of that with these self-affirming mantras: do what is right for you.

    Spread love. Give fellow teachers compliments. A lot of us have difficulties asking for help, so offer help without expecting anything in return. Let people around you know if they're doing something great. I used to be very skeptical of any compliments I received, I thought they're not true, I would refuse any help because I didn't want to inconvenience others. I started spreading love to others, and it helped me instill self-love.

    Celebrate small victories. Instead of analyzing a lesson that went wrong, focus on the lesson that went great. What was good about it? How did you contribute to its success? Why did it work? How can you take that and bring this to other classes? I challenge you, do that right now.

    Take care of yourself, because no one else will. I teach classes in the morning, and I noticed that if I didn't have enough sleep before that, I'd feel overly critical of my teaching, even if the class was great. So now my self-care includes getting a proper amount of sleep and having regular sessions with a psychotherapist.

    Give yourself some love. You are great, your worth isn't determined by the number of certificates you have, you are enough.

    If I could give all of you a big, strong hug, I definitely would!

    Take care,
    Yuliya ❤️