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Materials for your New Year and Christmas lessons
by Iuliia Kumicheva
  • If you teach a variety of levels and ages (young learners, teens, adults, A1-C1), check out my Christmas Quest. It has over 30 gradable activities.
  • If you are busy and have zero time to prepare, check out Christmas Quiz. It requires no prep at all.
  • If you don't want to spend a whole lesson with your A2+ students doing something holiday-related, check out my unconventional activity pack.
  • If you teach B2+ students, check out our brand-new mini-course "Mindful Christmas and Healing New Year": three engaging and challenging lessons + a methodology webinar.
  • If you want teach B1+ adults and teens and want to talk about something light-hearted and practical, check out "Presents, Food and Festive Mood".
  • Scroll down to find free materials: a lesson on new year's resolutions, activity templates on Miro, a fun game to play
Presents, food & festive mood
  • Suitable for teens and adults with B1+ level of English
  • PDF doc / Miro frames + wordwall activities: suitable for both online and offline lessons
  • Two 90-min lessons on food and presents based on authentic listening and reading texts
  • Detailed teacher's notes
  • A revision lesson based on the lessons content for you to teach after the holiday
  • 90-230 minutes of classroom time
Crappy New Year
This one out of 30 activities in my quest "Santa University"
  • 32 cards with crazy presents for students to exchange
  • Teacher's Notes with two activities to run with the cards
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