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A mini-course for high-level students: Mindful Christmas and Healing New Year!
by Yuliya Kumicheva and Anastasia Volodina
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  • Yuliya Kumicheva
  • Anastasia Volodina
About Our Mini-Course
• Suitable for students with B2+ level of English.
• Suitable for teens and adults.
• Suitable for both online and offline lessons: PDF-documents or interactive Miro frames
• Three lessons each focusing on communicative activities and different skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking): at least 270 min of classroom time.
• 45-min methodology webinar on principles that guided our mini-course.
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What is this mini-course about?
Have you heard English classes being compared to having a therapy session? This is actually quite accurate: English lessons encourage us to reflect on the past, focus on the present, and think about the future. This year's Christmas mini-course aims at achieving just that - bringing two topics of language learning and mindfulness together.

Your learners will
  • improve their English by boosting their vocabulary and practicing various skills;
  • acquire the knowledge that can be applied on a daily basis, such as reflecting on their current successes, setting attainable goals and learning to find joy in every day;
  • get communication practice in meaningful context.
What does the mini-course include?
• 90-min lesson on the past based on 3 voice memos on Telegram, focusing on discussing end-of-year reflections and becoming better story-tellers by using communicative strategies as making jokes, comparisons, and concessions. Language focus: communicative strategies, listening and vocabulary.

• 90-min lesson on the present based on an authentic article on finding joy in routine experiences, focusing on developing reading and vocabulary strategies. Language focus: reading, vocabulary, study skills.

• 90-min lesson on the future, focusing on revising vocabulary and communication strategies as well as developing learner autonomy and enabling students set goals for the future year. You can teach this lesson after the holiday - no need to plan your first lesson in 2023, it's already there! Language focus: writing, vocabulary revision.

• 45-min webinar and detailed teacher's notes with extension ideas, linguistic notes, variation ideas, and extra activities.
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