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Cosy Autumn Writing: Crafting Compelling Narratives
A writing class + Teacher's Notes and Webinar by Yuliya Kumicheva
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About the class
• Suitable for students with C1+ level of English.
• Suitable for teens and adults.
• Suitable for online lessons: interactive Miro frames you can copy onto your board.
• The class focuses on three elements that can help craft compelling narratives:
stylistic devices: unconventional metaphors;
vocabulary: 10 action verbs;
grammar: fronting adverbials,
• At least 120 minutes of classroom time. The class is flexible. You can skip certain sections or allocate additional time to others.
• 25-min methodology video-tutorial to help you navigate the worksheet and better understand the principles that informed the class.
Attention Educators: This worksheet is challenging, focusing on advanced writing techniques that require creativity. I would suggest using it with learners who have at least C1 level of English.

It's flexible: you can adapt sections based on your teaching approach and student needs. Feel free to skip certain sections or allocate additional time to others. Adjust the pace and topics as suits your classroom best.
What is this class about?
Could English lessons feel as soul-soothing as sipping a warm drink on a crisp autumn day? They could with my brand new specially designed autumn-themed worksheet! It embodies just that sentiment, focusing on three potent writing techniques. These tools will not only help students enhance their creativity, but will also give depth to their narratives, allowing their stories to resonate with readers.

Your learners will
  • Create unconventional metaphors: Her eyes were as blue as the sky Her eyes were blue like the first snow on a frosty morning;
  • Practice 10 action verbs in the context of creating a short story enhancing the dynamism of their storytelling: crawl, strut, scuttle, trudge, bellow, mumble, gaze, glower, howl with laughter, chuckle;
  • Grasp and have opportunities to apply fronting adverbials, emphasizing the atmosphere and the setting: Between the trees drift the clouds.
  • Practice their writing skills in a meaningful context.
What does the class include?
By the end of this lesson, students will not produce a coherent narrative piece, but they will have delved deeply into various techniques to enrich their storytelling. This class spans approximately 120 minutes. The journey begins with a lead-in, followed by three sections. You have the flexibility to prioritize sections based on their students' needs, either expanding on certain topics or skipping others.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the class:
15-min lead-in, designed to tap into student's personal associations with autumn and reflect on what writing they personally find compelling.
30-min part on unconventional metaphors, aimed to help students craft their own ways to describe various objects, emotions, or scenarios.
40-min part on action verbs in the context of crafting mini-stories or narratives.
35-min part on fronting adverbials, aimed to add some colors to your students' narratives and making them resonate more deeply with their readers.

• Detailed Teacher's Notes and a 25-min methodology video-tutorial to help you navigate the worksheet and better understand the principles that informed the class.

• Bonuses: one writing video-tutorial, two websites that can help you find the right words, one Spotify playlist illustrating the target grammar :)
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via Telegram t.me/yuliya_kumicheva

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