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What is emergent language?
Emergent language consists of unplanned and spontaneous language items that arise organically during lessons. These items typically emerge during the communicative stages of the lesson. Emergent language includes not only errors but also alternative ways of expressing similar or related meanings and forms, as well as language uses that teachers or other learners find useful or worth sharing.

Focusing on emergent language in class is beneficial because it allows us to create a more dynamic and effective learning environment. Emergent language often reflects students' interests and needs; when teachers concentrate on these language items, it can increase motivation by making the learning process more engaging and relevant, allowing students to find their voice.
• This class is created for teachers who have at least B2+ level of English, and are interested in developing their skills dealing with emergent language.

• The class will be particularly useful for those teachers who lack a theoretical understanding of what helps us learn and remember new words.

• It may be beneficial for teachers who want to make their language notes from a class more systematic.

• It may be helpful for teachers who want to assist students in remembering and using the words that have emerged during their class.

• The class may also help teachers who find it difficult to come up with practice and revision activity ideas.
• The class is not designed for teachers who want to improve their own language command. Effectively dealing with emergent language is largely dependent on the teacher's own language level. A teacher needs to be a highly skilled user of the language to provide students with accurate language models, recognize good language use, and make informed decisions about which mistakes to correct. I will share tried and tested tricks that help me deal with emergent language more effectively, but I won't be able to improve class participants' language command within a single class.

• Chances are, the class will not provide experienced teachers who are familiar with Dogme with groundbreaking or eye-opening insights, but it's possible that some of the class content may inspire you to try out new things with your students.

• The class will not suit teachers who are seeking a one-size-fit-all solution. The course will reflect my personal teaching beliefs and practices. It is possible that what works for me and my students will not necessarily work in all contexts. It pays to evaluate information critically to see if it may be used in your professional setting.

By the end of the class, you will

• Define emergent language, its importance, and the optimal times to focus on it during class;

• Examine typical challenges teachers face when addressing emergent language and explore solutions;

• Review effective strategies for managing emergent language in the classroom;

• Develop a toolkit of activities to support students in retaining and applying emergent language;

• Get classroom-ready activity templates on Miro, which you can use for practice or revision.
Class Content
The class consisted of an input part and a discussion part. You can now watch a recording.
During the input, I cover the following topics:

  • how much focus should be placed on emergent language items,
  • methods for selecting which emergent language items to practice,
  • types of teacher interventions when dealing with emergent language,
  • approaches for recording emergent language,
  • strategies for practicing and revising emergent language,
  • techniques to help our students remember and use new words
During the discussion, we addressed some controversies associated with emergent language.

How is the class organized?
  • You can now buy the recording of the class.
  • The input is 2 hours long and a discussion is 1 hour long.
  • The class is in English.
  • I'll send access to my website once you complete the payment. All of the class materials are stored there.
  • We have a Telegram Chat where you can meet like-minded colleagues and share your achievements.
Class Tutor
Yuliya Kumicheva
A teacher trainer and English teacher. Course tutor.
I hold TKT, CELTA, Delta Module 1 and Module 3 ("A student-centered course for C1 Advanced Reading and Writing"). I completed "Teacher Trainer" and "Director of Studies" courses in IH Barcelona.

I now teach other teachers of English teaching in groups and running C1 General, C2 General and C2 Proficiency Exam Prep courses.

I can effectively weave any language that emerges into our lessons, sometimes teaching a 90-min lesson solely based on emergent language, providing my students with accurate language models and helping them put all this language into good use.
Here is what my teacher-learners say about the way I deal with emergent language:
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