Fashion and clothes
    Low-prep activity and lesson plan ideas to use with your students when you're talking about style, fashion and clothing
    • Changes in fashion: how have fashion trends changes over time? What if we compare styles from 90's, 70's or even 1880's? There are great fashion blogs on YouTube. It's a cool way to practice adjectives for describing clothes and comparative structures. With more advanced students you may practice adverbial modifiers of degree "it's BY FAR more elegant" or some fancy structures like "it is nowhere near as good as this one", or "there is a world of difference between … and …"
    • Your personal style: there are some great questions in outcomes Advanced about your personal style: how has it changed over time? Why? Why did you choose to wear things you used to?
    • How are fashion trends changing our world? There is a great article on Natgeo about how our perception of beauty has changed. Speaking of business changes, do you know that good old Barbie now has 3 new shapes: petite, tall and curvy?
    • Trendsetters and style icons. Who do your students look up to? Why? What makes them a real style icon?
    • Would you rather...? A great activity to use during any lesson you have to teach, fashion is no exception.
    • Fashion roleplay: find some pictures online and let your students to pretend that they are these people, ask them about their outfit. To make it funnier, you can assign roles like a parent and a child to your students
    • Choose an outfit! My favourire lesson of 2020 was a TBL lesson when I "gave" each of my students 1000 pounds and asked them to go online window shopping to assemble their dream outfit, screenshot the items and present it. I ended up teaching this lesson to Int+ teens and C1 adults, everyone loved it to pieces! You can also make it a little bit more challenging by asking your students to choose an outfit for a special occasion, like a beach wedding or a skiing weekend. You can watch a video about this lesson on my IG TV #cupofelt_lp

    Let me know if you like this set of things to do and discuss with your students!❤️ any other fashion-related activity you like?