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Christmas Quiz
By Iuliia Kumicheva
  • Suitable for students with A1-C2 level of English.
  • Suitable for both online and offline lessons.
  • Perfect for group classes.
  • Most suitable for teens and adults, but some parts can be adapted for young learners.
  • 5 rounds with 54 questions.
  • 30-45 minutes of classroom time.
  • No preparation needed - open and teach.

Have you ever played pub trivia like "Мозгобойня" or something like that? It's like a team quiz game where participants need to answer some questions about New Year and Christmas. The quiz has 5 different rounds with 54 different questions, all of them focus on general knowledge rather than students level of Enlgish, so you can use it with basically any level. Here are some sample questions. Even if your students don't know the answers, they can try to guess and have some fun along the way. It takes about 35 min. Suitable for older teens and adults with any level of Enlgish from A1 to C1+, but "riddles round" and "alphabet round" have been tested successfully on my YL groups.

Put your students in teams, turn on the music and let them compete to win the title "The smartest Elf".

Get slides, detailed instructions with all the answers and a little video with my lifehacks for running a quiz.

New Year's Quiz
Watch this 3-minute video to see some sample tasks from the Quiz
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