"I wish I knew"
A page for IWIK attendees of the online teacher-training charity conference.

We've been joined by 966 donors and have raised 719 550 RUB, 97 EUR, 532 BYN, 3285 UAH, 183 USD, 75 PLN, 46 860 KZT, 2 000 000 IRR, 200 ПМР, 200 LEI, 600 KGS, 150 TRY.

We are incredibly thrilled to announce that we've collectively raised over $9320. We rallied to aid Ilia Dolgykh. This tremendous act of kindness and support truly embodies the spirit of our community.

Recently, we received a touching message from Tatiana, an IWIK attendee, who wished to make an additional contribution. This sparked an idea - why not open the floor for further donations?

If the IWIK conference has enriched your experiences, and you're able and willing to contribute more, we invite you to make another donation. We'll keep the donation details confidential, but we ask that you share the donation amount with us, simply for record-keeping and tallying purposes.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via Telegram t.me/yuliya_kumicheva