ELT Beans to Class: English and methodology course for teachers
Ever heard of "bean to cup" in coffee? It's a journey from raw bean to perfect brew. Similarly, "ELT Bean to Class" offers a comprehensive course, encapsulating everything you need to stand out as an English teacher.
I have one slot in my group for C1-C2 teachers, Wednesday 5:00-7:00 am GMT+3 (Moscow time / European time).

  • Please, don't apply if you live in Europe / European part of Russia. The thought of students sacrificing their sleep to attend my course exerts a significant amount of pressure on me as an educator. To me, and this is a personal perception, it feels like an unnecessary sacrifice, and I would be compelled to decline such applications.
  • If you transitioning from B2 to C1, or are at the initial stage of C1, this group may not be the best fit. Seven of your potential classmates are high-achievers who have undergone exam prep courses, regularly attend speaking clubs, and have pursued other advanced training.
Slots available
How It Works
Language skills
Sourcing the bean
Just as quality beans are essential for coffee, mastering the English language is a teacher's foundation. My approach: group communicative lessons, interactive tasks, and constant language revision.
As beans transform with grinding, teachers refine their English and delve into teaching methods. Teachers are exposed to practical and innovative ideas during their language classes. Through dedicated methodology inputs, they encounter actionable ideas, which they can bring into their own teaching practice.
Integration and application
Through masterminds, teachers practice what they've learned via demos, lesson planning, and peer feedback.
Real-world Teaching
A coffee's journey culminates in the joy of serving and savoring the cup. Similarly, in our course, this stage is embodied by teachers showcasing their expertise both in regular lessons and during the special spotlight of the ELT charity conference, "I Wish I Knew."
Course goals
This is what I hope to achieve by the end of the course
Course goals
Understanding Our Course Components
What's the difference between our lessons, input and masterminds?
  1. English Lessons:
    • Group Size: Limited to eight participants for focused learning.
    • Format: Highly interactive with an emphasis on communicative and collaborative activities.
    • Schedule: Fixed timetable for consistency. Doesn't change throughout the whole module.
  2. Methodology Input:
    • Presenter: Led either by me or an esteemed invited speaker.
    • Format: Predominantly lecture-style, but can also integrate discussions, lesson demos, and more.
    • Audience: All of my teacher-learners join these sessions.
    • Schedule: Varies based on the speaker's availability. Updates will be provided promptly.
  3. Masterminds:
    • Facilitator: Exclusively run by me.
    • Format: Practical, hands-on discussions expanding on the methodology inputs.
    • Audience: A collective session for all of my teacher-learners.
    • Examples: Past sessions have included tools like the "Six Thinking Hats", collaborative lesson planning, presentations, and in-depth case studies.
    • Schedule: We'll choose fixed times for us to follow throughout the whole module.
Module 1 "Getting the message across"
English Lessons (8 lessons, 16 hours)
  • Professional Phrasing: Master hedging and soft language to convey criticism tactfully.
  • ELT Feedback Approaches: Delve into diverse ELT feedback methods and their ties to student progress.
  • Conflict Management: Facilitate conversations with understanding and respect.
  • Bias & Perception: Analyze psychological biases and their effect on self-view.
  • Emotional IQ in Feedback: Grasp emotional intelligence's role in feedback and enhance empathetic communication.
  • Cultural Communication: Implement clear and respectful cross-cultural communication strategies.
  • Trust & Rapport: Cultivate trust and foster stronger bonds with students and peers.
Methodology: Inputs (3+ hours)
  • Empowering Students Through Feedback — Explore the coaching approach to feedback and understand how we can guide students towards growth and self-exploration.

  • The Art of Lesson Observations - Learn how to provide peer feedback in a non-threatening manner. Discover why lesson observations can be a powerful tool for growth for both the observer and the observed.
Methodology: Masterminds (3+ hours)
  • Feedback Roleplay - Engage in real-life situations where you'll practice giving feedback to students, handling conflict, responding to rule-breaking, and addressing concerns.

  • Peer Lesson Observations and Discussions - Participate in a live lesson observation followed by crafting observation reports and engaging in post-lesson discussions.
Payment & Course Structure
Our calendar
  • Module Duration & Fees: Each module spans 2 months, with payments divided into two monthly installments of 9,000 rubles.
  • Monthly Payment: Make a single upfront payment at the start of each month.
  • Course Continuity: While each module stands as a comprehensive unit, it's also an integral part of a long-term course (September - June).
  • Missed Classes: If you happen to miss a class, please note that refunds are not available. However, you'll receive the class recording and all related learning materials for your self-study.
  • Scheduling: The exact timings for masterminds and input sessions are to be determined, unlike our language classes which have a set timetable.
Before booking a slot and making a payment, please make sure you read the contract offer.
An interview with Yuliya to get into the group
In addition to our 30-minute oral interview, there's another crucial component to the selection process. You'll be required to submit a written piece.

While I value our discussion and your interest, the final decision to grant a slot in any of the group rests with me.
If the are no slots, it means all the interview slots of got booked. Circumstances change, and I might open up a few more. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories for real-time updates. Plus, remember, another module is launching in November, and I have exciting teaching products in the pipeline. Subscribe to my newsletter not to miss any important announcements: cupofelt.info/newsletter
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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via Telegram t.me/yuliya_kumicheva